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Cat Urns And Options To Remember Your Dearly Departed Feline

Losing your beloved feline can be a deeply emotional experience, which puts you through an emotionally turbulent time. For many, cats are more than just pets. They are key members of your family, and saying goodbye can often be heartbreaking. But, there are a range of meaningful ways you can say goodbye to your car and honour their memory. Our blog dives into some of the key ways you can honour your feline friend, and celebrate their life. Whether you’re seeking a traditional urn, or a personalised memory, our blog will talk you through all of your options. To learn more, keep on reading.

Managing Your Emotions During A Pet Loss

It’s no secret that a pet loss can be a big change in your life, and coping with this kind of loss can be extremely difficult. Managing your emotions during this time can seem challenging, but our tips may help you cope with your pet loss a little easier. Read below to learn more.


●     Go Through The Motions - When going through any kind of loss, it's important to go through the motions and not rush yourself to heal. Don't let others tell you to 'get over it' or make you feel as though you aren't entitled to feel upset. A pet is a member of your family, and a huge part of your life, and you should take as much time as you need to grieve.

●     Look After Yourself - When going through a loss, it can be easy to fall into unhealthy patterns, start to isolate, and stop taking care of yourself. With such a change to your life, you may be feeling a little lost and depressed. It's crucial that you take care of yourself during the grieving process. Exercising, creating new routines, socialising and getting plenty of sleep are extremely important during this time.

●     Routine - Routine is a crucial part of healing during such an emotionally challenging time, and with the loss of a pet, your routine may be drastically changing. Instead of getting wrapped up in the way things may be changing, try to start developing a new routine. By keeping busy in your new routine and maintaining it, this can help massively with the grieving process.

●     Honouring Your Pet - When you're ready, honouring your pet in your own special way can make a huge difference to your grieving process. There are a range of ways that you can honour your pet and find something meaningful to you. From custom urns to scrapbooks, there are a world of options out there. Honouring your pet when you're ready can be a great way to gain closure, and ease the grieving process.

Ways You Can Honour Your Feline: Cat Ashes, Memorials & More

Many people decide to honour their pets, and there are a variety of options to explore. Finding a way to honour your pet can bring closure during your grieving period, and help you to start moving forward with your life. To learn more about the options you have to honour your pet, read below for more.

Put Urns For Cats

Cat urns are a relatively common choice for those who have recently lost a cat, and they can be a respectful, elegant way to keep your cat's ashes if they have been cremated. Cat urns come in various designs and materials, as well as some custom options that will allow you to choose a style that reflects your cat's personality and suits your home. You can find a special place in your home to put your cat urn, and even customise it with your cat's name, or a special date. To find our pet urn range here at Cherished Hearts, read more here.

Pet Inspired Accessories

Pet inspired accessories are another great way to remember your cat and keep them close to you. There are two main accessories that you may want to consider when it comes to your cat's ashes or remembering your feline.


Jewellery that is inspired by your cat is one of the best ways to keep your cat close to you even after they have passed. You can find a range of custom jewellery options out there, and some services will even allow for jewellery that incorporates your cat's ashes too.


You can also explore keychains and other charms, which can be customised to your requirements, so that you can keep your pet close to you daily. Key rings and charms can be a subtle daily reminder of your pet, providing you with a tangible connection to your pet wherever you go.

Memorial Gardens

Memorial gardens are a beautiful way to remember and honour your pet after they are gone. You can create a memorial garden by dedicating a space in your garden to your cat. Plant flowers, shrubs, or even a tree to honour your cat and symbolise their life. Gardens are constantly changing, and your garden memorial can be a beautiful way to honour your pet, as the seasons change, you are creating a dynamic tribute that grows over time. You can watch your garden evolve, blossom and grow year upon year, commemorating your beloved pet with grace. Your memorial garden can be as big or small as you like, offering a peaceful retreat.

Memorial Plaques & Ornaments

In the world of memorials, there are also other memorial types you can explore to honour your pet. You can find a range of memorial plaques in different styles, and other ornaments that can be kept in your home to honour your cat's memory. You can find custom plaques, memorials and other ornaments which can have your cat's name, a photo or a quote. You can also have special ornaments made for your cat, even after their passing, for holidays and other traditions. It can help you keep your cat's memory throughout the holidays, birthdays...etc.


Customising ornaments and bespoke memorial design options can be great for tailoring your cat's memorial to your tastes and making a custom piece that you can keep for as long as you like.

Framed Photos & Scrapbooks

Framed photos, displays and scrapbooks are another great way to commemorate a recently lost pet. When you're ready to look through photos, finding your favourites can be a wonderful way to gain closure and create a tribute to your cat. Photo displays are a popular way to remember your pet, and create a lasting visual reminder of them. You can find your favourite photos and display them in a special area in your home.


Scrapbooking is also a great way to dedicate time and love to your pet after their passing. Scrap booking can be an ongoing project, and you can commit time to it as and when you like. You can use mementos, unique memorabilia and your favourite photos into a beautiful scrapbook. You can look back over your scrapbook and remember the years spent with your cat.


There are also digital photo options out there, such as digital photo frames, which allow you to upload photos of your cat. You can have them on a cycle throughout the day.

Cherished Hearts Cremation: Pet Urns For Cats & More

Honouring the memory of your departed feline is a personal and meaningful journey that you can tailor to your own needs. From elegant cat urns to unique, custom keepsakes, there are numerous options out there to help you celebrate the life of your cherished companion. By choosing a memorial that resonates with you, you can keep your cat's spirit close to you in those times where you need comfort. Having unique memorials can help your cat's memory live on in a way that brings you closure, peace and joy.


Here at Cherished Hearts Cremation, we offer a range of cat urns, cremation services and other services for your recently lost pet. From reptile cremation and rabbit urns to rabbit cremation and our range of caskets, head to our website for more. For further enquiries, get in touch with our team today to make your arrangements.

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