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Common Myths and Misconceptions About Animal Euthanisia

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is something no one wants to go through. However, there may come a time when you will have to make a difficult decision. While pet euthanisa is usually a last resort and is primarily aimed to stop animals suffering, common misconceptions surrounding the topic continue to circulate. Read on as we debunk the most common myths about animal euthanisa.

Jack Russel

“My pet will pass away naturally at home without the need for euthanasia.”

Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of our pets experience a “good” death without assisted help in the form of pain free euthanasia. Many distressing changes can happen during the dying process: for you, your family and your pet without help from a vet. These include anxiety, difficulty breathing, severe nausea, and seizures. Euthanasia can help with preventing your pet suffering unnecessarily.

“I would be killing my pet.”

This is a common concern among pet owners faced with the difficult dilemma of whether to euthanise their animal. It’s important to remember that your pet’s illness, disease or injury is doing harm to your pet. Euthanasia provides the opportunity to allow your pet to die humanely and with dignity. It is their illness which causes suffering; you are relieving that suffering in a loving and respectful way.

“Planning and scheduling the euthanasia is weird.”

It can feel odd or wrong to schedule a time or place for your pet’s euthanasia. By scheduling ahead (even by a few hours or days), you are taking some control over a situation over which you have little power. Many owners find comfort in scheduling a time when friends or family members can be present, or scheduling a time before their pet is truly suffering.

“My animal will know what is happening.”

When handled properly, the euthanasia process is a loving, peaceful, dignified end of a pet’s life. Your vet can give many medications (including sedation and pain medication) that will relieve your pet’s anxiety and pain. Most veterinarians often induce deep sleep (anaesthesia) just prior to the euthanasia injection, to ensure that your pet does not experience pain or anxiety. Remember - animals live in the present moment. Unlike us, they don’t know that a choice is being made; they only know that they are being loved, that you are with them, and that they don’t feel pain anymore.

Owning and loving a pet is always tinged with sadness when it comes to the time we have to say goodbye. At Cherished Hearts Cremations, we offer a pet euthanasia service that allows your beloved companion to pass away, peacefully and comfortably, in the comfort of their own home. We also specialise in animal cremations and pet urns. To find out more about our pet cremation services, get in touch with us today.

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