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Have your pet put to sleep, peacefully, at home.

Owning and loving a pet is always tinged with sadness when it comes to the time we have to say goodbye. At Cherished Hearts Cremations, we offer a pet euthanasia service that allows your beloved companion to pass away, peacefully and comfortably, in the comfort of their own home.

In-home euthanasia, providing a less stressful solution for a very tough decision

Here at Cherished Hearts Cremations we now able to offer a discreet, caring, home euthanasia service across London and the Home Counties. Giving your pet the opportunity to pass peacefully at home surrounded by the people they love. This can be a less traumatic experience than taking your cherished and beloved pet to the vets.

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We are here to help you through a difficult time

Loving a pet is a wonderful part of life, and seeing our beloved friends suffer can be traumatic. At Cherished Hearts Cremations, we provide a difficult, but essential service, that allows pet-owners to say goodbye to their pets peacefully at home.


We work with an experienced vet  who offer an in-home euthanasia service. This means your pet can be gently put to sleep surrounded by loved ones in a familiar stress free environment. 

Please feel free to call or email a member of our team to find out more about our compassionate and sensitive services. We are able to provide a pet cremation service alongside our in-home pet euthanasia and work with you to ensure that this difficult time is as peaceful and painless and possible.

Need any help?

The team at Cherished Hearts Cremations is fully committed to providing a caring and compassionate service. We can help you with all aspects of arranging your pet's cremation and burial, and can also provide at-home euthanasia services to prevent the trauma of a traditional last visit to the vet. View our services or reach out to talk to us about your circumstances.

How to arrange a cremation 
Collecting & returning your pet
Information on our prices & fees
Urn for the cremation of a pet

Our friendly team is here to help

We can offer help, advice and information when it comes to at-home pet euthanasia from a trusted, experienced vet. Speak to our team in Northolt now, on:

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