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Beyond Cats and Dogs: Pet Cremation Services For Small Pets

When it comes to pet cremation, many people immediately think of cats and dogs. However, at Cherished Hearts Cremation in Northolt, we recognise the deep bonds owners share with all types of pets. From small animals like rabbits and hamsters to more unusual companions, every pet deserves a respectful farewell.


Read on to find out more about cremation services that go beyond cats and dogs.

child with pet rabbit

Caring for Smaller Companions With Small Pet Cremation

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, and so does our love for them. Small pet cremation is a service we offer with the utmost sensitivity. Whether it's a gerbil, guinea pig, or exotic bird, we understand these small creatures hold a big place in your heart. Our services are designed to honour their memory in a dignified way.

Rabbit Cremation: A Special Tribute

Rabbits are beloved for their playful spirits and unique personalities. At Cherished Hearts, we offer specialised rabbit cremation services. We understand that losing a rabbit can be just as heartbreaking as losing a larger pet. Our team ensures that your rabbit is treated with the same level of respect and care, providing a fitting tribute to your furry friend.

The Unique Needs of Hamster Cremation

Cremating a hamster requires a gentle and delicate approach. These tiny pets often leave a significant mark on our lives. We provide a respectful and caring cremation process for hamsters, ensuring their small size is met with the most care.

Why Choose Pet Cremation?

Choosing cremation for your pet, regardless of their size or species, is a way to keep their memory alive. It offers a chance to say goodbye in a personal and meaningful way. At Cherished Hearts, we provide various options for memorialising your pet, from keepsake urns to personalised memorial services.

A Final Resting Place for Every Pet

Every pet deserves a dignified farewell. Our range of services caters to pets of all sizes and species, acknowledging the unique role they play in our lives. We offer a compassionate and respectful service, ensuring your pet's final journey is handled with care and love.

Conclusion: Honouring All Companions

At Cherished Hearts Cremation, we believe every pet, regardless of size or species, deserves a respectful farewell. Our services are designed to provide comfort and peace to grieving pet owners, honouring the special bond shared with their beloved animal companions.


If you are facing the loss of a beloved pet, whether it be a rabbit, hamster, or any small pet, Cherished Hearts Cremation in Northolt is here to support you. Contact us to learn more about our pet cremation services and how we can help you honour the memory of your cherished companion.

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